Customer Satisfaction Survey from Ramzan Bazars of Punjab

Customer Satisfaction Survey from Ramzan Bazars of Punjab

During the holy month of Ramazan, IPOR conducted a survey to investigate the level of customer satisfaction on special bazaars established by the government of Punjab throughout the province. The survey was carried out in all divisional head quarters with sample of 15,000 adult customers.

The key objectives of the survey were to measure the level of customers’ satisfaction from the services provided in these Bazaars and to pin down the areas of improvements for upcoming years.

Overall, survey participants seemed to be satisfied with the initiative taken by the Provincial Government to provided relief to citizens. Since all the essential items were provided at subsidized rates, people desired the services be continued in future as well. A large majority (79% of total respondents) indicated their satisfaction with the quality and prices of items available in these Bazaars, however, 20% of the respondents showed dissatisfaction from overall performance of Ramzan Bazaars.

Although majority of customers appreciated the overall performance, 45% customers criticized that the limited space had been allocated for Ramzan bazaars which makes them congested and difficult to shop around. It was suggested by a large number of customers to increase the area of bazaars to make shopping easier and convenient.

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