IPOR Celebrated Its Anniversary

IPOR Celebrated Its Anniversary

 Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) celebrated start of its 4th year since beginning.  On this occasion talking to all the core staff members, the Executive Director thanked the team for all their fine workmanship and company loyalty.

He said, I know that the growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members, such as yourself, and I recognize the contribution you make in helping us maintain the position we enjoy in the research market. I hope that you will remain with us for many years to come and would like to offer my sincere congratulations on this anniversary.

                                                                                         میں اکیلا ہی چلا تھا جانب منزل مگر

                                                                                         لوگ ساتھ آتے گئےاور کارواں بنتا گیا

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